Surrey Boiler & Heating Services

We are a specialist heating company that undertakes annual servicing, mechanical and electrical repairs to most manufacturers makes of central heating boilers. We can design and install, rectify and up-grade central heating systems, specializing in combination and condensing boilers. We also install, service and repair pressurized un-vented hot water cylinders. We can deal with all your plumbing and electrical requirements associated with central heating systems. We offer a warranty on all our work.

When you make that all important decision to have a new central heating boiler and/or a complete central heating system installed, we can give you full peace of mind by offering you a Guarantee of Quality. There is nothing worse than discovering that your new the central heating boiler will not work or suffers an unexpected early breakdown or the installer you have chosen has undertaken a poor job, you cannot trace them or they will not come back to finish the work.